Astonishing Renovation Design Ideas for The Kettle Hole House

Robert Young amazingly developed very astonishing and impressive renovation design ideas for a residence called Kettle Hole House. This modern dwelling stands vigorously in East Hampton, New York, USA. However the exciting house before renovation was formed, actually had a very low quality in term of design and construction. Hence, the main purpose of the renovation is about to produce high quality of design, construction and create a very captivating living space.

Some part of the house was redesigned and other part was totally changed to create more spacious and comfy ambiance. Some of them also emerges as prototype of smart house renovation design ideas, for instance the spacious kitchen and cozy dinning area. Or a very lovely staircase with a simple rectangular stair tower.

Moreover, the material also emerges as one of the most crucial aspect for this renovation project. Glass is the main accent and spread all over the place, other features which enhance the artistic figure of this dwelling are cedar siding, and cement panels.

Further ahead, wood also shows a special role within the home. Through some lovely wooden floors, the ambiance becomes so warm and natural. Then the whole part of exterior was also dominated of wood walls, along with modern large glass windows and doors.

While the flat roof top really demonstrates a very contemporary design and produce more futuristic outlook. Moreover, the pretty courtyard also becomes a very perfect soul mate for the residence because it gives refreshing and relaxing atmosphere.

To sum up, the house along with its exterior and interior design will give a new excitement for the home owner. The renovation is not about replacing all parts with the new ones, but tend to produce more artistic outlook and more impressive quality of construction with conserving some existing part. Hence for those who also want to make renovation or remodeling, could make this residence design as a reference, since this renovation project appears as one of the most creative home renovation design ideas with some interesting implementation of specific materials and lovely rearrangements.

Image By : Robert Young

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