Gorgeous Contemporary Home Design of The New Old In Victoria

Jessica Liew formedd a very creative and simple contemporary home design for a house called The New Old. The house stands amazingly in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with its minimalist and lovely figure. Very chic and obviously it will make every eyes hypnotized since the design of this residence emerges very simple but elegant.

The main purpose is to provide a very relaxing living space with high privacy for the home owner. And about the material, that was very attractive since it about nature such as concrete, recycled bricks, and also hardwood timber.

The materials specifically produce a very genuine and classy outlook, which eventually make this dwelling more attractive as a modern living space with natural materials.

Moreover, this house really shows contemporary home design ideas through some features for instance a very spacious and refreshing courtyard, an extraordinaire bathroom with wooden bath tub, a lavish bedroom, a very charming corridor with an artistic mural which done by Ghostpatrol and Miso, a deluxe kitchen along with a very warm dinning room, and of course a classy and warm living area.

Further ahead the recycled brick walls emerge very impressive and mature, along with those hardwood timber walls. The fusion of those natural material is give a classiness throughout the whole room. Then the dominant hue in this residence was white, black and brown of wood features, which also enhance the classiness in a very calm and simple way.

In conclusion, this house will pamper the home owner with its modern yet still artistic appearance, along with some inspiring features such as the dynamic mural in the corridor area, or an impressive fusion of wood and brick as main material. Hence based on its impressive design, it is generally suggested that this house becomes one of the most promising contemporary home interior design ideas prototype, which could give an inspiration for any home owner out there who adore modern design with natural materials.

Image By : Jessica Liew

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