Reputable Top 10 Architecture Schools in UK with Qualified Education

It is so prestigious studying in school of architecture in United Kingdom. Not only about the pride, but the department also give qualified education to result excellent students. Then, hope they can do their skills for developing the world better. Don’t you know about top architecture school there? Based on The Guardian’€™ list of such schools, there are 10 universities that have good architecture education. They also become destination for students around the world.

At the first school of architecture ranking, we have the University of Cambridge. It is an elite school that gives best education, although the tuition fees are much expensive than non EU countries. The various subjects are lead by great lecturers. It is also the oldest university built in 1915. The next is the Barllet, Architecture and Built Environment Faculty of University College London.

Its focus is on the environmentally design architecture. Meanwhile, Bath University in the third rank committed to develop holistic designs through integrated education. The next, Cardiff University has Welsh School of Architecture. Their concern is almost similar to the Barllet which is to build sustainable designs, but it adds the concentration on technical detailing.

In Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast which focuses on public research is in the fifth rank. Most of the subject demands the students to visit and observe directly in the field. Further, we have Northumbria University.

Besides studying in architectural designs, the lecturers also give verbal and visual that are very beneficial to work the projects in today’s competitive industries. For the sixth rank, it is Seffield School of Architecture (SSoA) located in the UK center. Its strategic place makes easy access to other cities. The quality of research and teaching in dynamic circumstances is very appropriate for international students as well.

In eightieth position, there is Manchester School of Architecture in which its rank falls from second level in 2006. But even so, the department still becomes the favorite for students. Next is Newscastle University that has good reputation in international and always teaches the students to be creative and innovative.

And the last one, but not least, there is Edinburgh University situated in Scotland which also has reputable position even though the rank dropped from the fifth rank. From those universities, which one is your favorite? If you interested in architecture and study abroad in UK, these top 10 architecture schools will be your good references.

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