Steady Contemporary French House with Glass Exterior

A fascinating house exterior of a contemporary French house named Maison Go in Thionville, France is constructed by glasses with unique exterior design. The designers of this house, Peripheriques Architectes, have finished in building this contemporary house in 2006 with 3,336 square foot area. This three story modern house is surrounded by green grass area with many green plants and medium trees planted on.

From the further distance of the green grass area surrounding the house, we will see that this unique house is standing steadily among the other houses. From the closer distance for appreciating the house exterior of this steady house, we can stand on the front yard of this house to see the facade presented by the house itself. The facade of this contemporary French house design is very impressive through the construction of the glass applied on the facade as the main house exterior material.

The house exterior combines some unique pattern into certain slanting view. The application of hundred pieces of glass materials on the house exterior makes the house facade looks so amazing. The blue color scheme of it becomes the most exciting thing that people will love when they see the house facade.

After we talk about the house exterior, we are going to talk about the house interior of this adorable house. The interior design of this beautiful house is very charming and chic because of the application of bright white paint for the wall.

Not only painted in bright white but also some of the walls of the rooms are painted in bold colors to give certain character into the interior design. The designers of this house are so creative and brilliant in designing and decorating this pretty house using modern French house design which so suitable for the house itself.

Image By : Périphériques architectes

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