Wonderful Coastal Resort with Mesmerizing Construction

Open plan that is applied by this coastal resort reveals the mesmerizing building construction. Glass facade of this building continues the wonderful scenery of the ocean. Placed on the higher terrain, the surrounding courtyard brings the refreshing atmosphere.

Cozy interior is designed in bright nuance by using the white wall and glazed wall. Comfortable interior is perfectly finished in compact arrangement. This resort becomes the heaven for the pleasure vacation while enjoying the beautiful view of coastal area.

Stones and green grass are combined for creating a refreshing courtyard. Before entrance the resort, the refreshing water within the outdoor swimming pool attracts the passengers to go to swim in there. Accompanied with elegant lounge in the marble floor, the existence of lounge seats reveals the wonderful view of the coastal area.

Glazed facade at the front continues the amazing landscape. Romantic pond is perfectly designed with some candles around it. At the higher level, simple wicker sofas are placed at the outside for enjoying the sunset. This area strengthens the one kind of favorite coastal resort vacations that can be chosen for enjoying the nature.

Mesmerizing outside astonishing inside becomes a great combination of this building. Compact living area is completed in bright color tone with white wall. Natural accent appears by using the wooden material or the furniture and it is combined with marble flooring. Elegant white sofas are blended with wooden table within the white wall for giving the comfortable area.

Stone wall separates it from another room. Kitchen in glossy marble accomplishes the wooden chair for emerging the cozy nuance. Wooden stairs lead you to the bedroom. Comfortable bedroom is designed on the warm wooden floor and back wall with the brightly shine that is continued by the glazed door. Simple terrace is made for enjoying your private time. Private bathtub is located beside the bed without any divider. Marble floor covers the elegant white tub besides the wooden flooring.

Complete your vacation by staying in the appropriate resort along the coastal area. Natural orientation becomes the main concern for emerging the pleasure. The open plan of glass facade at the front will not close the beautiful presentation of the nature.

Large courtyard is perfectly designed in natural orientation by using the grass and rocks. Comfortable interior allows you for enjoying your break after your holiday activities without losing the landscape. This resort becomes one of the best beach resort vacations that can be chosen for enjoying the nature.

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