Adorable Dream House for Your Future Residence

This adorable dream house can be your favorite. The combination of minimalist and modern design looks so awesome. The choice of bright paint color for the interior design creates cozy atmosphere for this residence. Are you curious enough about this house? Read this following article to know more interesting facts about this adorable residence.

This entire interior residence has white color. You can find awesome living room in the corner of the room. It has red carpet which looks so amazing cover the living room’ ™s floor. In this room, two white armchairs which are blend with white floor lamp are also added.

In the side of the couch you can see black bookshelf which is stick on the wall. It also has black ladder which is useful to get your favorite book in the top rack. Look how cozy this living room as the part of your dream house plans!

The design of the bedroom also looks amazing. The entire of the room also has white color. The big white bed is situated in the middle of the room. The white bedside tables are set on the each side of the bed. This room also looks cozy with the brown carpet which is covered the white floor.

In this room you also can find reading corner. It has blue arm chair which looks perfect with blue puff. Behind this cozy chair is available long open rack which is patched on the wall. Imagine how cozy this bedroom for your ‘ œ me time’!

The other awesome design is the bathroom. This bathroom can make you want to bath longer. It has stylish yet luxurious design. The entire of the bathroom is made of white granite. It has white bathtub which is added in the corner of the room. In the middle you can find chic white bathroom cabinet which has white bathroom sink. Look how stylish and cozy this bathroom for your bathing time! Let’ ™s get these custom dream house plans for your future residence!

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