Adorable Fancy Home Architecture for Your Future Private House

This fancy home looks awesome with private pool. It also has glass windows which look so perfect to let fresh air enters the house. This place also has garden in the front face. It brings natural freshness in your house. Want to know complete reviews about this eco-friendly residence? Here we go.

This house looks so simple but fancy from the front. It has white wall and grey roof top. This house also looks awesome with the addition of private swimming pool which is set in the next of the large fish pond. You also can find path which is set between the swimming pool and the fish pond.

Do you want to relax in the side of the pool? Of course you can! In the side of the pool you can find stunning cabana terrace. It has sago palm roof top with four log pillars. Imagine how perfect your leisure time in this place. What a great fancy home plans!

This residence also has wooden stairs which is added in the side of the building. This stair connects the wooden verandah with the rooftop. This house also looks marvelous with the large wooden open terrace. You can find cozy brown armchair which is perfect for your tea time in the afternoon. This wooden terrace also straightly faces to the swimming pool which makes this terrace also perfect for your relaxing place. You also can held barbeque party in this place. Look how wonderful this design!

This terrace also has black framework tulip table which is blend with two black framework chairs. It has many grey garden rocks which make this area look so stylish. You also can find tropical plantations in this place. This area also has wooden glass sliding door which can be opened and closed. Are you interesting with house? Let’s adapt these fancy small house plans as your future house!

Image By : Patrice Bideau

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