Adorable Hill House Design in Costa Rica

Now you are about to see an article about hill house found in Atenas, in Costa Rica. The design is named Aeropagus Residence. Designed by Paravant Architects, this project is truly a magical design that is suitable for hill homes hunters as you. Placed on top of a hill, this house offers much amusing sensation. You should observe carefully to see some details of the house through this article.

Firstly, it is about a picture of the house seen from a bit distance. So, you can see that the house is nicely put upon a top of a hill. Here you shall see that the house has upper level. Seen from here, you will know that the house is colored in creamy hue. You will see other color as the combination of the exterior design. You can see the building shape is surely nice with amusing design. See also hill house designs.

Secondly, you are facing a picture of the house seen from different angle and from closer distance. Here you shall find that this house is beautified with amusing large garden. You shall see amusing trees are set up on the sides of the path connecting you from outside to the house. You shall see that the house is a large construction that can be an amazing place for you. There are fences with black gates as well. The building design looks really good with creative style.

Thirdly, you are seeing an area very near the building. This is about a patio with entertaining patio. You shall see that it has tiles which looks separated. There is a set of outdoor stairs linking you to the upper area of the house. As you see the house building from here, you shall see an adorable creation consisting of rooms that are seen from the angle here. See other designs in hill house design ideas, too.

Image By : Paravant Architects

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