Adorable Modern Living Room for Stylish Young People Mansion

You should add this modern living room for your stylish mansion. It has the combination of minimalist and modern design which creates adorable living room. This place also has the fancy furniture that is arranged perfectly in the inside of the apartment. It is not only make this place suitable for your relaxing place, but also can make you guest amaze! You also can find vanity furniture which is set in this living space.

The first living room is dominated by white and grey color. It has white glossy floor and combines with grey wall. In the middle of the room is available grey fur carpet which covers the floor. Above this carpet you can see simple dark grey couch.

On the back side of this couch is set open shelves that look so stylish for your stuff. Imagine how wonderful this modern living room furniture! This couch faces to big white shelf which sticks on the grey wall. This awesome shelf is great for your room decorations and your LCD TV.

The second living room is dominated by fresh green color. This apartment also has glass wall that surrounds the living room. Imagine how stylish this living space architecture. You also can find white fur carpet in the middle of the room. Look how cozy this carpet for your barefoot.

It also has dark green leather sofas which blend with three round pouffes. These pouffes have dark green color, sea green color, and turquoise color. Behind the sofa you can discover big white shelf that looks so awesome for your book collections and room decorations.

The last living space has brown color theme. It has white floor and grey wall. This living room looks fantastic with brown fur carpet. This room also has brown sofa and blend with brown pouf. This room also has two round small coffee tables which look so stylish. In the side of the couch you can discover white big shelf that looks so perfect for your LCD TV and book collections. So, what modern living room furniture sets that you adore the most?

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