Adorable Penthouse Apartment in Luxurious Design

Are you looking for some beautiful view every time you woke up from your penthouse apartment in the early morning? Then let’s take a look this very stunning penthouse design built on Las Vegas. It’s called The Turnberry Place Penthouse that makes everybody think out of their box about the penthouse. Sometimes the penthouse is just a separated building on the roof, but this one is a building that have a nice space to living and give a freedom view on the up high of the apartment.

Most of us will prefer choose the penthouse because the penthouse apartment cost is more affordable for the budget. So it does with this apartment in Nevada. With a luxury design built in a strong materials, it bring a really though building. It’s located on very top of The Turnberry Place which allow you to see the amazing panorama of the city. Yes, it has a large glass window to let you see outside freely. A beautiful and artistic interior decoration also built over the room.

This penthouse has a complete feature for living. Say it have a living room, bathroom, master bedroom, kitchen and also dinning room. Moreover, the bathroom divided into two rooms, which will make you have your own bathroom more privately. The interior design is carrying a contemporary design.

With the futuristic furniture, I bet you’ll get the latest trend of the contemporary building. It has a round-centered shape style building which make the room spread over the the penthouse, this will make every room has a window so you’ll get beautiful scenery in every room partition.

Yes, this penthouse is designed in luxury details and special features. Even the bathroom also have a good ceramic walls and also best illumination from the luxurious lamp. Take a tour with seeing this penthouse apartment floor plans and hope you’ll get inspired!

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