Aesthetic Furniture Design Made From Wood Base and Iron Frame

In making house interior, we should also consider about the furniture design. Furniture has significant effect as the part of home interior. If we put the wrong furniture that is not match with the room concept, it will be looked awkward. To make a good decoration, every part of the room must be blend well whether for the furniture or another decoration. Now, in this opportunity we will observe about one of artistic furniture. Here we are.

The Akke Woodworks designed an artful furniture made from wood base material. They are an architectural and building specializing firm. Many furniture have been designed in amazing way. They also has unique table made from glass and wood material.

The tabletop is made from transparent glass slab while the legs are constructed from furnished wood. This glass slab is put in elegance. Legs are overlapping each other consisting from four wood rods. This is such a furniture design inspiration for us.

Those wood rods are supported by the white string or wire. This wooden legs can also be changed with the wire rods. Wire is shaped into a table leg. Then, the designer arranged it into the same adjustment as the wooden table type. Another design from this company is the table with zigzag tabletop. The edge of the table is bold while the pattern is designed for the inner tabletop. Four legs are placed at the edge of the table. Silver and gradation of different brown colors construct this table.

The other design is about drawer or cabinet design. This furniture is built in wood material with the addition of iron and metal. Wood becomes the surface of the furniture while the iron is the edge decoration. This design is attractive because of its star shape. Steel rods support the frame of this cabinet too. This modern furniture design inspiration is created in a creative ornament decoration.

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