Affecting Private House Design of Toronto Residence

Belzberg Architects brilliantly has created a very affecting and excellent private house design for a residence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With gorgeous and modern figure, this residence stands enormously in a green location.

This residence design was actually the winner of the 2013 Ontario Association of Architects Design Excellence Award. Hence it is undoubtedly that the whole design both exterior design and interior design demonstrates the high quality of modern and gorgeous style.

Generally the grand design is about how to build the best modern outlook and blending it with green environmental around the house. To produce the best fusion of it, and giving the best living space for the home owner, then the design emphasizes on glazing, lines, and volumetric unity.

Moreover, the house also emerges as one of the most attractive private home design illustration through some features. For instance the features of large glass sliding windows and doors which is very dominant and spreading all over the place. Giving a futuristic look and sleek ambiance. Then some wood elements also appears as the next alluring aspect, through warm wooden floors, sharp wooden staircase, and even unique curved wooden walls.

Moreover, another material was also used in this residence, such as zinc, and natural stones. While for coloring, the most dominant hue is combination of white, black, and grey. Those hues undoubtedly demonstrate an elegant figure and produce a very modern and sleek atmosphere.

The beautiful terrace emerges as one crucial part of the house, since it automatically brings a chance for the green garden around the house to blend more intimately with the interior design and the whole part within the house.

In the end, this house as the winner award undeniably demonstrates a very impressive figure both exterior design and interior design. Along with precise arrangement for each room inside the house, this house will pamper the home owner with its best quality as a modern residence. Hence it would be very logic to call this home grand design as one of the most alluring private home interior design illustration and of course it will be a very promising design reference as well.

Image By : Belzberg Architects

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