Alluring Modern Residence Designs of The Krubiner Residence California

There were very futuristic and trendy modern residence designs which done by Simpatico Homes and Swatt Miers Architects for a minimalist house called The krubiner Residence.

This house stands splendidly in Emeryville, Alameda County, California, USA with a very trendy and chic figure. Both exterior design and interior design also appear very simultaneous and show a very well-formed structure. For the exterior design the main vibe is simple rectangular shapes and a glass feature, while for the interior design the main accent is calm hues and some wood accents.

Specifically about the grand design of interior design, the dominant theme is about futuristic and simple living space, with specific classy features for instance sturdy wooden staircase, sleek wooden floors, and spacious corridors with timber floors. The core theory of it was about how to get a freedom modern of space within the house, and it was be very amazing.

That unique and creative idea was implemented nicely with some specific features such as unique wall additional patterns in the cozy living room, or peculiar tile walls in the modern kitchen. This could be one of the most inspiring and innovative illustration of modern residence interior designs. Since the design could shows some extraordinaire features without losing of modern vibe.

Furthermore the next appealing element in this residence was the very relaxing terrace in the roof top. With wood as its main material, the breezy roof terrace eventually will give the most relaxing living experience for the home owner. They could enjoy the city landscape and the neighborhood from the terrace.

The home owner will be pampered by the whole design of this residence, not only because this house emerges very chic and futuristic, but also because it could presents the creativity of new living experience. In the end this house could be a very alluring reference for those who still search an inspiration of exterior and interior design home ideas in modern and sturdy styles.

Image By : Swatt | Miers Architects

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