Alluring Traditional Home in Updated Interior

This Beaton House is traditional home with the contemporary look. It is the house from 1920s era. The design still presents the vernacular look of a classic house. However, Marbletecture has transformed this house to be the enchanting modern house without even change its vernacular look. This is the unique house design and impression combined by the two different styles. The house exterior is in neutral color. The exterior looks more contemporary with the clean lines. The windows are transformed to be the modern windows in simple look.

Traditional home design is not always related to the classic design. This house has the contemporary interior design with the lively color. The kitchen is the true modern kitchen in minimalist style. White is the color of the kitchen wall and the kitchen flooring is from wood. The kitchen furniture is in white and red colors. The kitchen island is red with white surface. The kitchen counter has the black surface.

The dining room is designed in unique mix between classic and modern styles. The classic carpet looks great with the wooden flooring. The interior decoration in this room is the mirror in dark wooden frame on the white wall. White dining furniture in classic design fits well with the large dark wood table with glass surface. The classic lighting is hung over this furniture. The white flowers in the white vase are the table decoration.

The staircase still has the classic accent. The arched door and the stairs shapes indicate the vernacular style. The living room is furnished with modern sofa in white with two white armchairs. The table with glass surface is placed among them. Modern fireplace makes this room looks warmer and cozy. Updated traditional home can be the unique design of the modern living space with its mixed styles.

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