Amazing 3D Wallpaper Design with 3D Effect

One of the most popular wallpaper these days is 3D wallpaper design. This kind of wallpaper becomes popular because of the 3D effect that appears in the wall that using this kind of wallpapers. People are beginning to interesting in this kind of wallpaper.

There is a lot o design for this wallpaper recently. The wallpaper designers are starting to come out with their new ideas about the 3D wallpaper. The designers from WallArt are come out with their new concept of eco friendly 3D wallpaper.

That picture is the first design of the 3D wallpaper interior design in eco friendly concept. The wallpaper is look stand out because of the uneven rectangular-shaped in 3D effect. The wallpaper is using white color; it’s suitable for the eco friendly theme. The second point after the 3D Wallpaper is the decoration.

In order to bring something green in this wallpaper, the designers are put some flowers with leafs in a unique pot. For the table, the designer is using rectangular-shaped log from wood. That looks so nature. There is an orange chair to make the interior design looks brighter.

The second picture is the 3D wallpaper in the living room in wave-like effect. In that picture, the wallpaper was attached in the lobby. The wallpaper in this picture is also in white picture. The third picture is the egg-like 3D effect wallpaper in the kitchen.

The broke egg-shaped looks interesting since the location are in the kitchen. The fourth picture is the round-shaped 3D wallpaper in the living room. Since the concept is eco friendly, the wallpaper is in pure white color.

The last picture is the uneven brick-shaped 3D wallpaper. This wallpaper is unique, since the design is like the brick wall. The location for this wallpaper is in the family room with the fire place in the middle. This 3D effect wallpaper interior design looks amazing, right?

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