Amazing Beach Resort for Perfect Getaway

This beach resort is hidden paradise and can be the best getaway location. It is located in small island which is surrounded with beach and also has green forest. Do you want to experience exotic atmosphere? Well this place is perfect for you! This place is also quiet which is appropriate for your private relaxing place. Read this following article for further reviews about this exotic resort.

The interior design of this place looks so marvelous. It has wooden beach cottages that are situated from the island through the beach and connected with wooden bridge. In every cottage you can see wooden balcony that straightly faces to the beach. Voila! You have beach as your yard.

In the wooden balcony are set two wooden beach chairs that can be the best spot to see sunset or see dolphin in the ocean. What a wonderful tropical beach resort! It also has wooden bench which has many cushions and perfect for your relaxing place.

Wooden material becomes the main material for this interior architecture. This cottage has wooden floor, wooden folding doors, and also wooden ceiling. You can see the wooden bed in the center of the room. It has wooden bedside table on the each side of the bed. Look how wonderful this design!

The lounge room is exist in the next of the bedroom and has wooden folding doors as the partition. It has two rattan benches which face to each other. It can be the best spot for your coffee time in the morning. Glass round coffee table that looks so chis is located in the middle of it.

This resort also has rectangle spa bathtub that faces to the wooden windows. On the each side of the bathtub are available two big vases for tropical plantation. Imagine how relax this place for your spa bathroom. So far, do you love this tropical beach resort & spa for your perfect getaway?

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