Amazing Chapel Building from Concrete

Christians are not new with chapel building; many people often call it church. There are so many chapels in this world. But, how about chapel that made from 100% concrete and only concrete? In the middle of forest in Acapulco, Mexico, there is a chapel that using concrete as the main and only material for builds the chapel. The concrete is chosen because concrete will looks great with nature environment and it’ll look amazing.

Look at the picture! That is the picture of the church in Acapulco. This chapel has uneven shaped. Somehow, it looks like a military tank. This chapel has a story for the function of these chapel building plans. This chapel is for wedding celebration for the first day of married, and this chapel is also for the mourning for someone who just died. This chapel has some holes in the top of the building that facing the sun. So, when the sun shines, the sun light will come into the chapel.

If we come into the chapel, we will see a lot of concrete chairs and an altar that facing the sun shine. This place will be romantic for the couple who will get married. They will get new experience that hardly to get in the city. The nature environment is a great background for the happy day, right? And, when someone dies, the nature environment can be a good friend for him. For the family, the nature atmosphere will make them feel more relax. Somehow, the chapel brings good air.

There is a staircase that will lead people to the second floor, the main of the chapel. There are some rocks around the chapel as the front yard and back yard of the chapel. This chapel is unique and interesting. Both chapel building designs and chapel function were planned for people and nature environment.

Image By : BNKR Arquitectura

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