Amazing Concrete House Architecture Among Vegetation in Matarranya Region

From all modern houses that exist now, perhaps, this concrete house is the wonderful one. Situated in Spain, the dense of nature in Matarranya region surrounds the building greatly. It is very potential to make the house more impressive. Moreover, the installation is purposely made in higher place that enables you to get full vista of environment around it. Built in cubic shape, this house has stunning look from the distance. Thanks to the nature that succeeds to soften the rigid performance.

Created by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects, the creative project named Solo Houses give us surprise. From its name, it can be identified that the concrete house architecture stands alone among the vegetation and just dare to be different. This elevated building has the main living space on the top level.

The architects use half made construction for open verandah. They also maximize glass materials as the primary façade to blend the exterior and exterior. Even though the installation seems transparent, the privacy kept safe.

The unique thing is on the swimming pool placed in the center area. It is very different from common swimming pool that usually built in the garden or inside the house. Perhaps, this is also the way when the location is not really sufficient to accommodate such recreation. Swimming in this place, you will have special experience being unified with the nature. Moreover, open ceiling makes it breezy while the higher place gets you like flying.

Made of concrete base, the design still upholds eco friendly concept in this architecture. The glass walls welcome the natural light in, so it will decrease the use of artificial lamps during the daytime. Its semi-open living spaces are very helpful to allow the winds in freely.

Hence, it doesn’t need air conditioner (AC) to fresh the rooms. In case the AC is really needed, it won’t be used often. Besides, the house is completed with photovoltaic solar system that is beneficial for electricity. In the cold weather, the bottom level has radiant heating as well as water storage. There is no worry living in here. This concrete house design is safe for you and the environment.

Image By : Solo Houses

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