Amazing Contemporary House Design in the Beauty of South Africa

Finding contemporary house design that may inspire you who plans to make new house may not be hard for you. There will be so many house designs that are very inspirational. Contemporary house can be built in narrow or spacious space. If you have limited space for building a house, you may find small house with contemporary design in the internet websites.

If you have spacious space, house boz envisaged by famous architect, Werner van der Meulen. The house is situated in hilly area in Pretoria, South Africa. The house is built on 777 sqm. It is exclusive residence which blends the extensive use of glass, concrete, and steel.

This modern house design reflects water surface. It has luxurious and spacious feeling inside the house. In materializing this house, Nico van der Meulen Architects has the key role of it. This dream house has correspondence between outdoor and indoor. Talking about the exterior design of the house, you will be amazed with its design. This ultra modern house stands on large land and surrounded by lush vegetation. The house is rectangular and square.

How about the interior design of the house? Well, similar with its exterior design, the interior design of the house is also grandeur. The grandeur interior can be clearly seen from the use of modern furniture inside the house. The interior of the house is actually figured by M Square Lifestyle Design.

The use of earthy colors can really create elegant to the room design. Let us find the modern furniture in this house. The first is the living room. The living room is featured by grey sectional sofas with the splash of vivid yellow color in the chair and pillow. The use of large glass windows can allow you to see the natural beauty outside the house.

The next is the bedroom. The bedroom is dominated in black color. Here you can find black mattress on the white bed covered by black bed sheet. For the flooring, the wood floor is the best choice for creating warmth to the bedroom. The contemporary house design ideas can be successfully realized in this house.

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