Amazing Cooking School Design in Modern Design

Have you ever seen cooking school design? Nowadays, there are a lot of people that interested in cooking. In order to get the right method of cooking and become professional chef, you have to go to the cooking school. In Tijuana, Mexico, there is cooking school called The Culinary Art School that has a good design for the good kitchen and its appliance. In this school, the future chefs will be born. In order to make it happen someday, they have to provide good equipments.

Let’s take a look at the picture! That picture is the picture of the cooking school kitchen design of the cooking school. The modern stainless steel kitchen appliance is the main product of the kitchen. The designer for all this whole school is Jose Gracia. She made a great modern design of the kitchen. If you are learning cooking with good quality of cooking equipments, you can learn in a better mood.

The second picture is showing you the cooking class picture. We can tell by the picture that this cooking school is kind of formal school, so there will be sometimes that you have to join the class. The class is neat and clean. Unlike the regular school, the teacher’s table in this class is the kitchen table. So, there will be not only theory but there are also some practices in cooking skill.

The third picture is the canteen of the school. There is no different between canteen in the cooking school and the regular school. But, the canteen in the cooking school has unique pendant light that looks like e fire ball. The third picture is the cabinets that have a lot of desks for each student of this school. This culinary school kitchen design has a great design and it looks like well-designed from professional.

Image By : Jorge Gracia

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