Amazing Floating House for Your Unique Residence

You should see this floating house architecture! This house which is floated in the beach looks so unique. The entire of this house has white color with contemporary design. This house can be an option for you who love unique design. Want to know more about this residence? Read this whole article for more review.

The exterior of this house looks so chic with wooden material. This residence has white color with glass windows which face to the beach house. It also has two floors which have wooden bridge that connect the house and the land. Don’ ™t you think that this floating house design look so unique?

Not only that, this residence also has wooden curtain for the windows. It make you can avoid the hot of the sun in the noon. The wooden terrace is also good spot to enjoy your breakfast time in the morning and enjoy sunset moment in the afternoon.

The interior design of this house is dominated with bright wooden material. The second floor has big glass wall with wooden frame which look so fancy. You can find comfortable living room in the corner of the room. It has cozy white sofa bed which is blend with long wooden coffee table.

This is the best place to spend your leisure time every day. Across the room you can see stunning dining space. It has wooden oval table which is blend with wooden chairs with black frame. In the side of the table is set arch lamp which looks so gorgeous.

The interior of this house look so elegant because of the combination of the wooden material and the yellow light from the ceiling lamp. The architecture of the bathroom also looks elegant with those elements. The bathroom has infinity wooden cabinet which has frameless mirror. In the side of the bathroom sink you can find glass shower room which looks so pretty with the yellow ceiling lamps. Let’ ™s add this floating house design concept into your future house plan!

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