Amazing House Plant Decor with A Modern Taste in Urban Residence

Planting is such a very exciting activities, especially with doing some house plant decor that will give you satisfaction feeling. Yes, Levitt Goodman Architects is one of inspiring architect that already finished with his design on make some tidy adjustment of the urban residence named The Euclid Avenue House. This house has a very good design that no body will ever imagine it has a something that very unusual called, wait.. drum roll please! The secret garden!

Yes, this modern house has a conventional shape building look. It has white featuring brown color on the design. From the outside, it also have a good green look. Wait until we are come in and you will find some futuristic design there. Yes, it has a wooden furniture that keep the nuance in a such adorable nature nuance.

With the hanged and covered lamp on the long desk, it just give the room an elegant illumination. Well, let me ask you to go on the second floor and.. Tada! There is such a great indoor house plant decor that pretty neat. Yes, from this second floor, you can wake up every morning feel like you are on a garden.

Ok, this brilliant idea maybe is not all people would think before. The garden on the top roof? Sounds so rare. It has a very good variety of the flower and other potted plan that planted on the roof. This have a purpose that with the limited area, you can still make such a beautiful garden like this. And it also protect the roof from the sun, making your room feel so chilly in harmony.

Well, now you can still do your hobby with planting activities. This gorgeous garden on the roof will make the house look so hip. You can add the other potted plant to complete the indoor plant home decor and make your room more green!

Image By : Levitt Goodman Architects

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