Amazing Interior of Penthouse with Transparent Rooftop Design

Since Interior of Penthouse is usually designed with small design, installing transparent design for the rooftop must be so amazing. Besides it makes the penthouse gets lighter and adequate air circulation, the room looks so wider and spacious. With wooden framework for the penthouse, glass panel can be easily installed even on a sloping model. With unfurnished model for the framework, indeed, the interior becomes so amazing. Sometimes, instead of applying pendant lamp for the main lamp installation, the vine plants are so magnificent because it makes the interior look as natural as the appearance of house in countryside. Dealing with the authentic decoration of such penthouse, the floor installation is better installed with natural stone.

By installing transparent glass for designing the sloping rooftop, some spots along with the vine plants can be used for a view nook. With garden chairs and small coffee table, it becomes the best view nook design of Interior Design of Penthouses. The bedroom that is designed in blind room also looks so amusing since it makes the room is so spacious. With small working table made from rustic wood, a red rose makes the interior looks so lavish. The wood floor installation is however the best floor for the bedroom so that authentic rug can be used to cover it. Sometimes, a foyer on the penthouse can also be applied as view nook instead of only applying it for family room.

If other rooms are designed by using wooden material for the framework, actually, applying concrete material for some parts is also necessary. With white color for the interior wall, the wooden material for the window frame and door installation looks so classy. The rocking chair that is designed with foamy cushion also looks so enchanting because it is covered with pattern cover. Dealing with small space, with square room for living room, vintage chairs made from rattan material becomes the best furniture.

Still, with vine plants or hanged plants on rattan bucket, the interior becomes so magnificent. With pattern design for the floor rug, indeed, the interior looks so adorable. In brief, by applying such design for Interior Penthouses, living in small space must be so amusing.

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