Amazing Modern Apartment Suitable for Book Lovers

What do you expecting from your modern apartment design when you are a book lover? It must be the perfect interior design that may accommodate your hobby. Susanna Cots tries to transform the idea into this adorable living space that design for two book worm in Barcelona. Let’s we observe more the apartment decor that may amaze you a lot with the minimalist ornamenting ideas.

The living space is beautified with wooden lacquered sheet that arranged across the room. It delivers the warm and protective impression to the room. This modern apartment interior applies the rustic woodsy flooring which blends beautifully with the entire furniture, such as white sectional sofa with recliner, glass table and wooden book shelves.

The displaying of book collection in the living space can be the room decor itself. The guests are also able to read the book while come to the house. This space then completed with flat shaped black TV and modern furnace style. It enables you to get a pleasure ambiance when you spend your spare time here.

Try to copy the idea of this room ornamentation. It looks so cozy and stylish by applying the black curvy arm chair and light brown furry rug. The room is also bright enough since it is illuminated with built in lamps that installed on the lacquered sheet.

You can reach the dining room and the kitchenette space easily from the living room as it is managed right behind the sofa. The black and white design idea becomes the main decor theme for this space. The big curvy pendant lamp in black tone mixes vividly with the modern dining furniture.

Some of kitchen furnishings, such as microwave, kitchen cabinet with large storage and sinks are designed in one unit so it economizes the room using. The arrangement of this dining area brings you a benefit since it allows you to watch the television while you spending your meal. This minimalist apartment interior is really chic and beautiful.

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