Amazing Modern Beach House Using Good Choice of the Exterior and Interior

The building of the modern beach house can be built in many designs. It can be built in modern style, unique style and also simple style. But, the building of the beach house is usually built in modern and big style. The beach house which is using modern style is Coolum Bays beach House.

The designer of this house is built by designer Aboda Design Group. This house can be found in the Coolum Beach. It is one of the areas in the Queensland, Australia. The design of this beach house is made in big style. The scenery around this house is good. There are beautiful scenery of the mountain and also the beautiful scenery of the beach.

The wall paint used as the exterior modern beach house design is various. The wall paint used at this house is using green paint, black paint, brown paint and also white paint. The brown color used at the wall exterior is used because the wall material used at this house is wood. The grey color is also used at the wall exterior design. The combination of some colors used at this house makes this house looks amazing.

The interior design of this house is using modern interior. The furniture used at this house is various. The black sofa and black chair is used at the family room. The round table is also used in this family room. At the edge of the family room, there is small square table. The table lamp is put on it. There is also telescope put on the corner of the family room. At the in front of the terrace in the family room, there is small pool.

Determining the furniture used in for the interior design should be care full. We should be selective in choosing the furniture used. Good furniture used as the interior decoration will make the modern beach house design ideas become more beautiful.

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