Amazing Modern Home Design for Completing Your Modern Lifestyles

Are you the one who is interested in modern home design? If you are interested in this popular house design, seeing the modern house created by Coop 15 Architecture is a must. Yea, this architect has completed geometric home that looks so dashing in its exterior design.

This two story house stands on quite large land. It is surrounded by lush vegetation that can create natural feeling to the house. This house looks so perfectly blended with the nature. It also has large green courtyard in front of the house.

The architect has modern home design ideas inspired by mid-century structure but in modern style. He can make remarkable house design with gorgeous interior and exterior design. Let us see the exterior design of this house. The first and the most interesting place to see is the living room.

The existence of living room and its room decoration is very crucial because it is the main place to visit by the guest. The living room decorating ideas can give impression to the entire house decor. That is why the room designer of this house can creatively manage the room.

In the living room, you can be amazed by the entire room design. It looks so clean and tidy. There are some furniture furnished the living room. They are plush carpet, glass table, and also long sectional sofas. There are also the splash of green color founded in the chair, flower vase, and also the pattern of the throw pillows. Here are many picture framed on the desk combine with the artificial light that shines dim light creating cozy atmosphere to the room. The wall and the ceiling are all white painted.

Let us move to the kitchen. This house has modern kitchen decorating ideas. The kitchen looks so elegant and cozy with the modern furniture and the use of laminate floor. Here you can find four pendant lamps above the long counter top. It also has long kitchen cabinets as the storage solution. The interior design of the house is as amazing as its modern home design ideas exterior so that the balance is created here.

Image By : Coop 15 Architecture

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