Amazing Modern House with Pool and Simple Furniture

In this time, we will talk about a modern house which is located in Mexico City. The Alpes residence is one of the houses built with modern concept. The designer of this house is Garduno Architects. This building of this residence is very big.

This house was built two story. The walls exterior is painted in black color. The black tiles apply on the wall. The other walls are also made of glass material. It is used in the first floor and also second floor. The terrace floors are made of black tile.

At the second floor, there are railings used in the balcony made of mild iron in black color. Looked from the side of house, there is strip pool. There is also green garden beside the pool. The modern house designs also can be seen in the interior. The floors are made of black tile. There is stair used in this room in black color. The walls are painted in white color while the ceilings are painted in brown color. There is some cactus planted on the pot which is put beside the wall.

At the fourth picture, there are many things put in this room. In the middle of the room, there is a square black table. There are also some racks put on the wall. The racks are used to put the photos and other things. There is also some paintings which is put on the Steger.

There are also some chandeliers with white lamp shade hanging on the ceilings. In the next picture, we can see the spacious room. The floors are made of black tile. There is a painting put on the wall. On the other side wall, there is a brown table made of wooden material. There is also a white chair under the carpet put in this room.

At the sixth picture, we can see that the walls are made in white and brown color. One side of wall is made of wooden material. There are black arm chairs put in the middle of the room. Beside the sofas, there is a table set made of wooden material. These modern house interior designs with simple furniture are matching with the spacious room designs.

Image By : Garduno Architects

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