Amazing Modern Luxury Villa in Athens

Oikia Panorama Voulas Villa is the name of a modern luxury villa that is going to be discussed in this article. This house was designed by studio Dimitris Interiors Economou. It is situated with Panorama Voula, which is in Athens of the south, located in Greece country.

The first picture will show you how the house design is truly luxurious and modern. You shall see there are building parts that can make your eyes amazed. There are glasses applied in some spots of the building. Well, this building is such a marvelous building with awesome design.

In this picture you can see that the rooms can be seen since it is at night the lamps are turned on. You will also see a stunning swimming pool is available in front of the house building. See also modern luxury villa design.

The second picture is about the swimming pool area. Likely, there are two pools available here. You will see wooden tiles are available here. As the wall building on the right side, you can find a round glass window with large size. On the same wall, you shall see that there are glass doors and or glass panels as well. The ceiling available here is such an amazing design that can inspire you. The built-in lamps look so amusing.

In this third image, you will see that through the glass doors, you will see a lounge with entertaining lamps existing. There is a sofa looking like an L-shaped one with nice pillows available. The fourth image chosen is about a magnificent dining room.

There are fantastically amusing chairs available accompanying the dining table with dark glass countertop. There are candles on the sconces upon the table. You will also find a fantastic chandelier hung on the ceiling. Find more things in luxury modern villa designs, too.

Image By : Dimitris Interiors Economou

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