Amazing Modern Residence Built with Modern Techniques

Have you ever heard about this Modern Residence before? There is a house which came with the modern design. Nuno Gaspar is the person who correspond for this house which brings this house to be located in Spain. This house come with the size of more than 490 square meters and is enough for a single family living. This house came with modern techniques used to bring a different look.

The house came with the predominant materials and the right composition came with the concrete, glass and wood material. This Modern Residence Concept makes the front of the house is heading to the south where the sun comes, so it will give you enough lighting in the morning without turning on any lamps inside the house. This house is totally beautiful with the clean white color used. And this house came with a complete feature which is not always can be found in every house like the entertaining room which came with attractive look.

It came with the bright red combination and the black and white checkerboard pattern used in the wall. The study room of the house came with an unusual architecture which is placing a small bookshelf in the center side of the study room. This small bookshelf is not placed like another house which put this bookshelf in the corner. The small bookshelf also can be the main attraction and it is located next to the garden which will bring the fresh air inside.

The living room came with black and white color combination with the black carpet used and the white color in the sofa. There is also a lazy chair next to the sofa which can be used for a single person for a total relaxation with the Modern Residence Plans, you can put your foot to the special chair heading this lazy chair.

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