Amazing Modern Residence Design on Hollywood Hills

For a perfection, modern residence design which was built in Hollywood Hills can be the best living space. Designed in luxury concept, this residence also special for having the exclusive lifestyle.

For the architecture, this residence has wonderful concept which prepares spacious bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. For the relaxing rooms and other rooms are connected with the open living plan which are exposing the stunning view of this city. Great concept which is offered is night scape of LA city, you would get surprise here.

Coming inside of the living room, let’s feel how amazing the living space is. Wonderful concept of modern and rustic are eye catching. It is going to blow your mind. This wonderfull modern residence design picture offers beautiful nature wall and natural painting of the LA. We are really a great time for enjoying this space in modern furniture while enjoying outside. Moreover with the modern furniture which are selected to complete this room.

Almost all of the rooms are connected with the beautiful natural painting of LA city. Covered by glass wall, we can keep enjoying the beautiful outside wherever we are staying. Moreover, in this bedroom, the glass-rolling wall looks so nice giving the real view. Natural elements also installed, such as beautiful wooden ceiling and wooden wall looks so nice completing this residence. With beautiful rug, it flow the elegant and exclusive sense.

Other living space, which is designed in artificial open living plan, is designed perfectly with unframed glass wall. It gives the modern wall like flying room above of LA. That is really cool and unbelievable. For having the fresh atmosphere, let’s go outside.

Staying outside in the night while waiting for the stars on sky is really good time, moreover when we are looking at this beautiful appearance of this building. Amazing garden with some flowers and park lighting in this modern residence interior design are designed flawlessly.

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