Amazing Modern Residence Design: The P House in Sao Paolo

The P House is a highly modern residence that will make you amaze even when you only able to see it from far away. Every stunning modern style house design has its own character and in this lovely modern style house design you will able to see that the character lies on the modern minimalist architectural construction that develop in this house.

This superb modern style house design basically consists of three massive house parts. It looks like a stacked block and it is has very simple detail. From the architectural composition, it is very clear that luxury is the accent that develops by the design of this house.

The modern residence plans that use in this house is develop by Studio MK27 ‘Marcio Kogan and it is located in a wide location of Sao Paolo, Brazil. There are few parts of this amazing modern style house design that will able to show you the luxury that develop in this house and one of those parts is the second level wooden deck.

The deck is manufactured by wooden material and it is equipped with modern style glass railing, but more importantly, the deck is situated in the best spot in which you can enjoy the scenery of Sao Paolo City from above.

The other part of this perfect modern style house design that will able to show you the luxury of this house is the wide enjoy area. This enjoy area is semi indoor area in which you can find a dining area, a bar and a coffee table set. This is the area that use by the owner to enjoy beautiful afternoon of Sao Paolo.

The design that use by the designer of this gorgeous modern style house design is something you may not able to apply in other place. Modern residence home in Sao Paolo is surely something very special.

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