Amazing Modern Residence with a Commercial Compartment

The presence of modern residence is getting more and more in this era due to the need of urban people to have a more pleasant home. A modern home in Seoul, South Korea has some unique home characteristics with its concrete house design. The house was developed by BANG by MIN in 2012. The house was meant to be used by a big family with three generations family members while at the same time the lower floor of this house can be used to be a commercial unit.

In a quick glance, the house exterior of this building utilizes solid concrete materials on its house facade. The facade also comes with dark wooden colored doors with big windows that stand up tall from the bottom up to the ceiling. This house facade will lead us to a beauty parlor as the lower level is used as the commercial space.

The porch of this house facade becomes the second floor garden that surround another house entrance. The modern residence design of this building not only exposes the concrete wall texture but also applied another element on its upper level.

The house also incorporated wooden cladding on the most part of its second floor. The second floor has a narrower building than the first floor that utilizes all of the space available. The wooden cladding covers the geometrical shape of the upper house compartment that exhibit a sophisticated house design. it also employ a lot of windows as to really make use of the sun light so that it can save more energy.

The house interior shows a contemporary house design with sleek look and the bold interior design. Every room is delineated by the leveled area but it is still opened to do some connection with some open wall among the rooms. The sunlight falls gracefully in this room which has dark colored wooden flooring cover. The wall of this modern residence architecture is concrete wall that create a strong personality inside this amazing residence.

Image By : BANG by MIN

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