Amazing Renovated House that Lighten with Romantic Design in Paris

A fire has burnt this apartment and Frédéric Flanquart have such a brilliant idea to rebuild this building into a beautiful renovated building with an impressive interior design. Bringing the spirit of Paris, the design is about to give the love situation inside the room. It also a combination of the modern and traditional interior design which use the logs for it prop.

The wall around of this building has an inverted trapezoid shape. Everyone who come inside will feel like living on a chalet and it has some a warm nuance. Dominated with creamy color makes the renovated house designs are easy for the eyes. A red and bright modern chair completing the romantic situation of the room.

The wooden beam of the floor is giving a match theme for the props in every part of room. Look at the beautiful logs on the ceiling, it’s just enhancing the design with such an artistic sense. The color combination of the interior design is very stunning, it represent all of romance things: dark gray, brown, cream and red.

The best part of this apartment is when you turn on the illumination light at the night. It transform the rooms into a pink situation which will make the rooms more romantic. The light is just match with all red furniture. Take a look on the beautiful abstract painting inside there. This amazing idea is just try to heal the “œburn injury” of the room. A large glass door allow you to see outside freely, shining the romantic light outside.

It’s a good choice from the architecture to name this building as Le Loft des Innocents. It’s representing the energy of this building. This one is also a prove that even a broken house can be rebuilt into a special building for living. You may try to make the same renovated house plans like this beautiful loft.

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