Amazing Sustainable Building with Exotic Building Feature

Exotic building feature that is designed naturally by using natural house construction can be applied well to create design of sustainable building that is arranged stylistically. Natural exterior construction is designed well by applying stone exterior construction to decorate exterior wall that is used as a foundation of house building architecture. Actually it is as a natural architecture concept that will make house living to be more special in its architecture design style.

Artistic yard design is also made by combining between artistic pathway concepts and natural grass decoration concepts. Indirectly it will be able to create modern yard style that has natural and exotic exterior theme. Aluminum sliding door that is used to design exterior wall will look more elegant to be designed by using glass material construction. It is as a part of sustainable building design used to modify house living artistically and beautifully.

Big tree design that is modified naturally in a house yard will add beautiful appearance of house exterior theme that is made in this project. Glass architecture design that is combined with exotic natural stone architecture construction actually will be able to be an elegant modern house design modified easily.

Stunning yellow lamp used to design interior space will be able to create beautiful interior decoration that has an exclusive concept. Actually it is as special decoration style that can be used to decorate interior space beautifully.

Contemporary exterior furniture applied in this project will also make exterior theme to look more stylish. Actually it is as innovative furniture design that can be used well to design exterior space perfectly. Gray furniture design is used to design exterior space so it looks more modern and elegant in its concept.

Actually it will become proper furniture design that is used to design exterior space elegantly. To apply this decoration style is as sustainable building design principles that must be applied to create exotic building with modern design feature.

Image By : Carver + Schicketanz

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