Amazing White Apartment with Beautiful Views over Clear Lake

We want to tell you about this White Apartment. Have you ever dreamt about living in a beautiful apartment which makes you totally comfortable and like to stay over there for a long time? This apartment can be the right apartment for you who want to search a beautiful apartment which can make you comfortable and came with a modern design. This apartment is located in Sweden and come with the size of more than 1500 square feet.

The house will be very suitable for a single family living, the apartment doesn’t come with a complex architecture inside. This White Apartment Design came with an open floor plan which makes it looked larger than the actual size. Thanks to the open floor plan which makes a beauty living space, it came with a clean white color in the living room and the grey color in the sofa totally matched with the atmosphere.

The colorful pillows with the green and blue color will make a fun atmosphere here that makes it looked attractive. The lamp used here came with a unique rounded shape which is really close to the table in the living room. The living room came with fresh fruits available in the table as the decoration. The black and white color combination is used in the dining area, it is totally looked beautiful with this color combination.

It looked clean and the dining area can be used for 5 people at the same time. There is also a white lily flower in the center side of the table to make it looked fresh. The kitchen of this house came also with a clean white color and the simple architecture which makes it easier to clean. The kitchen cupboard looked from White Apartment Tumblr came with a flat modern stove which makes it easier to clean and faster to cook something.

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