Amazing Zinc House Design Choice to Show Our Artistic Class

Randy Weinstein Design has designed the unique house which is called by zinc house design. This house has many own characters, such as the zinc interior and zinc furniture. Those interiors can be located in the kitchen for the sink of table.

In this kitchen room people may find many things which are made from the zinc, such as the cooker, sink and many other things. In this kitchen we also find the unique bench which is named tractor stools. This bench has the simple design but looks comfortable.

The design of this house has the simple design with many things material combination, such as the wood, glass and many others. This house has the wood interior that is put for the roof in dining room. The wood roof makes the dining room has classic ceiling of the house. Besides the ceiling, the dining room also has the table that was made from the wood. This wood table combines with the glass then makes the room look nice and relaxed. This home room designs have the enjoyable style for people live.

For the bedroom, this house also has the simple style which combines the black and white color for the room. The accessories of this room, we also can give the bench in the corner of the room. For the fresh air, we can give some air conditioner in this room or design with gig glass windows to make the room look fresh and has natural panorama.

In addition, to make the house look life, we also can give some color touch. As we know, the house will be plain is there are no any color combination. To make it natural, we can choose the black and white color combination, but if we bored with those colors, we can choose cream color or another soft color. In sum, home paint colors will give the positive suggestion for people.

Image By : Randy Weinstein Design

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