Appealing Modern Architecture Stacked House with Great Ventilation

Some people suppose that looking at the modern architecture in the Stacked House will lead the house inspiration improve. Here we have the design of that house designed by Architecture Paradigm. This Indian architectural studio had designed this house for three generation families. The 400 square meters house is designed in the sloping area from the northeast area to the southwest. This house is also completed by great ventilation that makes the ambiance fresher.

Here are following the designs included in the pictures. The first picture of modern architecture homes feature home facade design in three-story house. It is located on the edge of the street with some coconut trees. The scene is in the wood, concrete, and some iron material combinations.

At the second floor, we will get mini garden on the terrace under the floating building. Yeah, it can be said as so because this house is designed in irregular shapes. In the first for, we will get small pond with fountain in square. It becomes additional views of the porch.

Well, related to the interior design, let’s check the pictures. The flooring interior design is designed in different. They are stylized in brown ceramic tiles, neutral tiles, and also some hardwood design. As we see in one room, there is seating place with long wooden bench with a brown chair near of small plants. It is a hallway reaching dining area and living room. The living room is designed in two brown sofas with no backrest and also two brown chairs. They re applied on the brown rug.

There are several differences of designing a house with great ventilation to get refreshing ambiance. This house is designed with that concept. The open plan area is one of the ways in realizing the concept. This building structure, construction, and furniture become great way to live well. The modern architecture homes floor plans can be the best choice in designing the family house.

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