Artistic Ceramic Pendant Lamps To Create Exhibition Art In Your House

Heather Levine is an artist that used ceramic to express her feeling especially ceramic pendant lamps. Her ideas in making the lamps are influenced by Scandinavian design however she is now life in Los Angeles. Levine’s idea in exploring the using of light in the house can be applied to decorate your house by using personal touch.

The material that is used to make ceramic lamp is stoneware. To slip the surface of the lamp, you can use porcelain. The first ceramic pendant lamp shades has oval form. You can paint it with black and blue color. It is appropriate pendant lamp put in the dinning table.

Bigger frame lamp made from ceramic also can be made with little hole in the bottom of the frame lamp. The color of the lamp can be colored by using combination colors between black and creamy. There are the other shapes of ceramics shades of Levine that can be imitated. The function of the design in the shake is to arrange the light in the room.

The other shade of ceramic lamp also can be made based on your own idea. For example shade that is designed by imitating animal shape like butterfly, leaf etc. About the color of the lamp, you can make it matched with the color of the room and the theme of the room in the house. Little ceramic lamp will be matched, if it is put in the bedroom to create overcast light. This ceramic pendant is not only appropriate in the interior house, but it also can be applied in the exterior such as in the veranda.

To hanging the lamp you can use twister rope to protect the rope is broken. It is also used to protect the lamp from falling down. Hanging pendant lamp shades are artistic lamps that can be used in any place in the house to create art design

Image By : Nendo

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