Artistic Hotel Design Ideas of The Olive Exclusive

A hotel called The Olive Exclusive, stands impressively in Windhoek, Namibia with a very artistic and creative concept of hotel design ideas which undoubtedly will make any guest mesmerized. And surrounded by a very beautiful and refreshing panorama of green trees, the hotel emerges so alive.

Then, the first class facilities inside the hotel obviously become the next attraction, since those trendy and sophisticated features are available for any guest. While the main accent of the design is about wood and stone, along with some bright hues.

Basically the hotel has a very alluring grand design, both exterior and interior and of course along with a plenty of interesting features for private activities. The exterior was basically very artistic and calm and also it could blend together with the character of site.

The team who built this hotel successfully implemented their best modern hotel design ideas for this extravagant hotel. While for the interior, the hotel emerges very chic, lavish and it also has a mature style. The genuine African style is spread everywhere, with modernity and a voguish arrangement, the hotel definitely shows the best side of modern artistic theme.

Some excellent features of furnishing are abstract Namibian landscape wall claddings by Micky Hoyle, a granite sculpture in coffee tables in guest lounge, and so on. The hotel also has seven charming suites, with an elegant lounge, unique fireplace, and comfy dinning area in each suite.

Every suites was designed in a very unique and distinctive style, some of those suites has wood as its main vibe. While talking about facilities inside the hotel some features are really fascinating. For instance high definition satellite television, WiFi access, a gorgeous mini bar, and so on.

In the end, with a very stunning exterior and interior design, and a very deluxe and comprehensive facilities, the Olive Exclusive could be one of the best place for any guest to spend any celebration or holiday in Namibia. The hotel was not only designed with the best modern hotel interior design ideas, but also very captivating in term of facilities.

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