Assorted Hotel Room Decor with Extraordinary Concept

When you visit a hotel, maybe the first thing in your mind is the hotel room decor. If that is true, then here are some inspirational room designs that you have to see. Maybe some of those room themes look quirky, but it is a precious experience sleeping inside the quirky room theme. The first room decoration is the traditional Japanese room that looks cute with Japanese lady wallpaper and also the iconic Sakura flower.

The next hotel room decor style looks bizarre, but it is comfortable enough for you. Maybe the kid will love to reserve this room because they can see animation wall art and customized twin bed. If you want to feel sleeping in a tent, then you do not have to go to the jungle and build the tent. You can reserve a room in outdoor room theme with a real tent inside the room. Look to the picture where you can see jungle wall art, so you can feel the jungle atmosphere in this room.

The animal room theme is also looks good for your kid. You can see 3D wallpaper design in the room and comfortable bed. This room is not big, but it looks as comfy as your kid own bedroom. The ice mountain theme is also available for you to see. This next room looks cold due to the white color domination and mountain wallpaper design. The things that made this room looks alive is two-tone geometric drape and duvet design.

If you want to stay in the attic room, then you can make it real. The picture tells you about minimalist artistic bedroom in white and grey colors. You will find double bed design and flat monitor beside the attic glass window. You may see many hotel room style bedrooms in various themes such as zebra patterned room, cartoon room theme, and so on.

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