Astonishing Contemporary House Style: Ralston Avenue Residence

The escalation contemporary house construction in last few years is at high. There are so many people that love to have such an amazing modern style home design and that the reason why the number of it increases so fast in last few years.

There are so many stunning modern style house designs that will able to amaze you with its beauty and one of them is this Ralston Avenue Residence. This is a mix-style home design that developed by Urrutia Design. This lovely house design is located a very beautiful area of Mill Valley, California and it is indeed one of the best home designs in the area.

The contemporary house plans that use in this incredible modern design is a little bit complicated. It is a multi-level home design that manufacture by beautiful material combination. In the matter of material, the home structure is dominated by two main materials, brick and wooden material. The foundation of the house is manufactured from natural stone material. Those materials that involve in the home structure can be the sign of the multi style that use in this amazing modern house design.

The inner side of this perfect modern house design is also containing such a lovely style combination. Parts of them are modern minimalist style while the other part is using countryside home design. Take a look the outdoor kitchen design. In this kitchen design, it is very clear that this kitchen is developed by two different types of style, modern style and country style.

The beauty that presented by this gorgeous modern house design is indeed something that can become the example of how mix-style design should be. Contemporary house design in Mill Valley, California presents the style that can become such a great alternative style in this modern era, isn’t it?

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