Astonishing Modern Apartment Design: The Black and White Setting

The number of modern apartment creation rapidly increasing in last few years. The simplicity and the beauty of the design believe as the solution of our biggest housing problem, the space problem.

There are so many superb modern style apartment creations you can find out there now and one of those creations is this Black and White Apartment that developed by Polish studio, Kasia Orwat. The simplicity of this incredible modern style apartment design is the one that make it so special. It uses simple setting, simple design and more importantly, it only has two color palettes, black and white.

The modern apartment ideas that use in this nice modern apartment design have so many things that can become the example of other small living space design creation. Take for example the living room design. It is a very simple living room design that supported with black sofa and white steel table.

It is very simple and more importantly it is easy to create. The other amazing setting can be seen in the set of dining room. This is a very simple dining room that supported by all-black dining table set. It looks awkward for a dining area, but it looks great, isn’t it?

The design of the all-black kitchen setting is also the one that make this perfect modern apartment design so special. Can you find other kitchen setting that use black color in its main element like kitchen counter and cabinetry? The design that develops in this adorable modern apartment design is very beautiful and not yet to be mentioned that this great modern style apartment design is equipped with highly creative wall art also.

The greatness of this gorgeous modern apartment design lies in its color selection. Modern apartment design style that presented by this lovely modern apartment design is actually the thing that can be the lesson for other creation, isn’€™t it?

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