Astonishing Wine Room in Sophisticated Design

Having the wine room in excellent design is one of the great features in this private residence. Designed by Todd Mather Architect, AIA this wine storage is an absolute ultramodern room with the stunning design. It has s counter in contemporary design. The counter surface is in rustic texture. The glass and wine bottle looks elegant on this surface. The counter itself has the practical storage in silver color. The handle is in sleek design in golden color.

This modern wine room has wooden flooring in dark color. It fits with the neutral and soft color tone of the furniture. The silver color of this counter gives the sophisticated feel of the modern appliances. The wooden circular accent is placed on the edge of the counter. This place can also be the pad to slice fruits or vegetable. This wine storage is like the modern kitchen. It has counter, mounted shelves and island in the middle of the room. The interior decoration is on the ceiling. The cocktail glasses are hung on the ceiling.

The dishes such as bowl, glass, and others are placed in the mounted shelves in natural wooden color. Windows are set on one side of the wall. The interior wall is painted in blue. The lower part of the counter is in red giving the contrast color accent to the rom. Another part of the lower counter is silver. The built in shelves are arranged vertically on the wall. The staircase to this wine storage is from wooden materials. The handrail is from steel in silver color.

The sophisticated design is shown by the fireplace in the form of cylinder glass. It is stylish and warm. The fire looks radiating inside the glass. This can be the most decorative element in this room. Sophisticated wine room is more than just a wine storage but it also one of the interior work of art.

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