Astonishing Wooden House Design on The Woodland House

There are only few wooden house creations that you can find all over the world and one of those few houses is The Woodland House. This beautiful modern home design is manufactured by Swedish studio Schlyter/Gezelius Arkitektkontor and it is located in a very beautiful area of near the Baltic Sea.

This astonishing wood house design is a modern minimalist home design that located in very special location. It is more like a cabin than a house. This beautiful minimalist home design is indeed able to become such a lovely retreat for people who want to spend their holiday in quite place.

This wooden house plans are, actually, very simple. It is a two-storey home design in which the second floor is only utilized as an extra bedroom area. Just like the name of this house, the majority of the house structure is manufactured by using wooden material.

There are also some glass materials that use for the window. This window is constructed in order to give the people who use this house unlimited visual access to the surrounding scenery. In the matter of architectural aesthetic, this superb minimalist home design is indeed something that can be created by anybody.

The inner side of this perfect minimalist home design is also dominated by wooden material. The flooring is full with wooden material. As we all know that there are some advantages that we can get in using wooden material as flooring element, it gives warm and coziness, There are also some marble elements in the flooring design, it uses to give this space more elegant accent.

This gorgeous minimalist home design is something that we can’t easily find near our place, it is something that specially designed for special occasion. Wooden house designs near the Baltic Sea is something that will able to give us such lovely retreat place, indeed.

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