Attractive Bamboo Wall Panels as Eco Friendly Decoration

The application of Bamboo Wall Panels in our living space will add the nuance of the house attractive. This case is related to the existence of eco friendly style as natural home decoration. Yeah, natural case will make our life comfortable and relaxed.

The applications of the bamboo panels can be in the interior decoration and also outdoor decorations. The interior design can be seen in bathroom, living room, family room, and other. The exterior decoration will be wider included the swimming pool fences, landscaping fences, and also other style for the porches.

Some photos are included in this article. Here is the interior decoration that apples bamboo as wall panels. The first look is a place in attractive lighting for the seat. The wall as background is situated in bamboo materials. They are also shining by the chic colorful lights. If the bamboo is applied in bathroom, it can be the partition of the vanity and toilet.

This picture of bamboo wall panels bathroom features the Asian bathroom with recycled bamboo material in brown as panel to decorate the dark brown cabinet with red sink. The bamboo panels can be also applied on the white wall side as here. They are attached to the wall as decorating ideas in well matched with the patterned ceiling design.

Now, we have some other ideas in correlation with the bamboo for outdoor design. Here is a contemporary swimming pool in blue bottom shade. The pool is surrounded by the fences and the fences are made from the bamboo paneled at one. It becomes eco-friendly when combined with the green vines and plants.

The other is the Asian landscape with greenery and vegetation lush. They add the bamboo panels as the outside fences near form the entrance door. The bamboo panels can also be the panels or wall design for the entry. It can be seen from the small space decorated by yellow bamboo decorations.

Well, in relation to this situation, the bamboo panels are really attractive. Besides being the wall panels, they also will give shades of eco friendly as natural case. The designs are also various and they can attract our sight very well. Thus, get the bamboo wall paneling in this article in order to encourage the situation as ideas.

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