Attractive Luxurious Interior Design; N85 Residence in New Delhi

N85 residence, the big house in New Delhi, has luxurious interior design that can amaze all eyes seeing. The interior design of this residence looks like the interior design of five stars hotel. This modern house is very large since it is built in India. How can it be?

Yea, it has been known that Indians like unity. That is why they prefer to have larger house than any other house. It can be seen in one of this work, N85 residence. This residence is featured by water, set lighting, and glass panels.

The creative designer of this house, tried to create transparency to this luxurious modern interior design. One of the most interesting thing in this massive house and can attract the eyes is the existence of interior garden.

Yea, this small garden in the house is like what you can find in a hotel or office. It means that this residence is designed inspired by some modern building. The domination of glass materials, wooden materials, and some trees inside the house can give cozy atmosphere to the room.

This gorgeous house will greet everyone who comes into the house with luxury. This house consists of three levels. They are private domain, public domain, and forecourt. The rooms like bedrooms, kitchen, dining areas include to private domain. Meanwhile, living area and also the lobby belong to public domain. The last but not least is the forecourt. Picture windows, pools, circular skylight, and garden belong to the forecourt.

Now, let us see the modern furniture in this contemporary residence. Here, you can see sectional sofa on the laminate floor. Some colorful knick knacks also feature the house. Lighting is accentuated in this house. You can see from the use of circular skylight and the ceiling lamp dominates the entire interior design. The house is the successful realization of modern luxury interior design ideas from Morphogenesis.

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