Authentic Modern Design for Apartment in Urban City

Those who live in urban city, Modern Design for Apartment should be applied since the room is not too spacious. Dealing with this problem, white interior design is usually applied as in the AB9 Apartment. Located in the central town of Lisbon, the whole room of this apartment is decorated with modern ornament and furniture. In addition, since the room is designed with blind room concept, with white room, the interior of apartment looks wider. For the floor installation, white oak wood is chosen since it makes the apartment look more authentic. First, talking about the working place, a glass working table is applied with Apple Thunderstorm placed on it. The artistic chair made from wooden material is simply the best additional furniture.

Near the working place, a dining room is decorated with wooden furnishings. For both dining table and dining chairs, mahogany wood is used to make it so that the floor installation is contrasted. In addition, pendant lamp really looks so illuminating with its round lampshade. Applying Modern Design for Studio Apartment becomes so popular among people in urban city because the concept really suits to small size of an apartment. The minimalist concept for the dining room is also very adorable because the storage is painted in black color. With such color, it really makes minimalist design looks so captivating.

Not too different from other rooms, with wooden material applied for room divider for the bedroom; the ornaments for bedroom are not too excessively applied. With pattern model for the bed cover, indeed, the interior of bedroom looks so magnificent. Moreover, as the other rooms are already installed with wooden shelves for placing the book collections or interior ornaments, the bedroom looks so great with that kind of decoration. Another option to make the studio apartment looks so spacious is that by applying vault ceiling design.

Sometimes, Led lamp installation becomes the best lamp for the house compared with other light installations. However, for each room that is not separated with any room divider, it still needs to be installed with desk lamp or wall lamps. For a small space of modern apartment, white color for interior wall and wood floor installation are the best interior design. In brief, with Modern Interior Design for Apartment, studio apartment becomes so captivating.

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