Awesome Bed Topping from Sophie Fahquhar to Accompany the Bedtime

Looking for some ideas to decorate your kid’ room, bed topping makes a big deal to make better. Perhaps, this is also the way to show your love for the kids though unique design bedcovers. The inspiration comes from Sophie Farquhar, designer and business owner.

Sophie produces various designs of bed toppers made of 100% cotton and creates some fun with them. She explores the creativity and imagination, and then realizes them trough her products. Located in Australia, these kinds of bedcovers are crafted. Hope they will bring happiness into your kid’s world.

There are number of themes inspiring the process of making such bed topper mattress. All of them served in unique form. The most favorite is chocolate themed. White mattress that usually covers the bed has been changed into brown squares like chocolate bar. Also the sheet imitates the real chocolate wrap colored in blue.

It seems very interesting and ‘yummy’. The next design is ‘back to school’ themed with colored pencil hoes for topping. It is more colorful than the previous. Perhaps, from the drawn pencils, your kids also learn to know the names of colors. The designer adds funny pillow styled like an eraser. It may guide the kids into beautiful dream.

Eye-catching and girly model are also available. Look at the flowery pattern; it is very nice with natural colors! The mattress colored in green, while the sheet is in yellow. Colorful flowers and leaves spread out on both of them.

Its performance is just perfect with brown splash for its sides as the trunk like. Different colors on this topping empower the sense of nature. Meanwhile, some fish in the bedroom sounds amusing. The bedcovers touched by sardines can pattern that looks so cute. Grey, ocean blue, and white has made it more attractive seen in the fish drawings. Getting closer to the real one, it is completed by sheet like a sardine can.

After seeing them all, do you have any idea about the other pattern? Cartoon characters, night stars, or toys can be the good themes to create such bed toppers. Or, you can ask your children first about their favorites. Colorful and cheerful pattern will help to increase their psychometric better. The size that is adjusted with the body also gives comfort for kids. And, the heavenly bed topper mattress by Sophie Farquhar is the one to accompany the kid’s bedtime.

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