Awesome Contemporary Apartment Design with Artistic Decorations

We still want to find some attractive architecture designs in Sweden, that is why for this edition we would love to share a contemporary apartment design which is located in the heart f Stockholm, Sweden. This apartment has three bedrooms and one open plan room. We will show you how great it is, but make sure you will not miss to check these amazing pictures that are available in our gallery below. Enjoy your reading!

The first thing that we will share for you now is about these dazzling contemporary apartment interior design ideas. From the wall design, ceiling, the windows and doors and also their frames all are covered by white tones. Fluorescent lamps and bulbs that are injected in the ceiling is the main lighting that you can find in every room. When you want to spend your quality time with the visiting family and friends, this open plan room will accommodate all your needs.

Start from the living room that has bold modern couch in light brown tones and one couple of modern shape armed chairs, some decorative pillows are arranged on the couch. It is also completed with a wide screen TV its opposite side and functional desk.

This room is decorated by a natural tree n minimalist style planted in the corner, and also an artistic wall painting that are hanged on the wall. When you pay more attention in to the dining room side, beside there is three couples of chairs and one oval table, you will see a keyboard is squeezing in the corner with the amazing wall painting.

When you are willing to spend your time enjoy reading, there is a adorable corner with a cozy chairs and minimalist style standing lamps, that will be there waiting for you. Let us see these dazzling contemporary apartment design ideas photos in the gallery below.

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