Awesome Contemporary Beach House Decorated Comfortably

Style of contemporary beach house can be categorized into modern architecture building design. It happens because of modern decoration concept is applied well to design house living so it will look more interesting in its appearance and concept. This architecture design plan is reflected successfully in Oceanique Villas located in Vietnam. Fresh villa concept with beautiful appearance is applied perfectly to decorate villa building in this project.

Green yard design is applied well to decorate house yard in this project. Actually it looks so beautiful to be combined with modern white house construction built as a main building of beach house architecture style.

Flat roof design is used well to design villa in this project so it will look more modern in its appearance. It becomes contemporary beach house plans that will make villa house building to look different with others. Fresh exterior swimming pool is also made beautifully to decorate house yard in this villa design.

To create natural exterior decoration palm tree decoration can be used well to design house yard of beach house building in this project perfectly. In addition stylish pathway design can also be used well to design green yard stylistically. Comfortable open space in front of main house is decorated stylistically and stunningly by using modern exterior furniture decoration that is made in white color concept. It looks so modern to decorate open space made comfortably and interestingly.

Elegant glass material is applied perfectly to design front side of house building in this project. Elegant glass window designs are actually suitable to be combined with modern house concept that is made in a flat house architecture style.

White house building looks so beautiful to be decorated by using blue glass window design that is applied elegantly and exclusively. On the other hand, contemporary beach house interior design is also applied elegantly to decorate house interior comfortably.

Image By : MM++ Architects

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